About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the ancient science of India which is given by God on this earth for the benefit of patients. This science is a science of life which teaches us how to be healthy and happy by body and mind both. Ayurveda principles teach about Dincharya, Food habits, Living according to seasons, and also teach us Yam, Niyam, and Sanskar. In Ayurveda it is explained that every human has different prakarti and treatment is different for different patients according to age, Bal, Ayu, Season, Prakriti, Avarana, Aama conditions, Dathukshya, etc. Ayurveda works on building immunity of the patient and it is kshetra Pradhan chikitsa. In Ayurveda disease is treated by finding the root cause of disease and Nidan Parivargan, Pathya, Apathya are very important for the early recovery of the patient. It is a complete science for human being and by following Ayurveda principles one can be healthy and happy for 100 years.