Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment in India

Get Back Pain Relief Naturally with Ayurvedic Treatment , Medicines and Panchakarma Procedures

If you want to walk long, then take care of your spine!

Low back pain or back pain is the most common disease which affects the lives of more than 70% of male and females in their lifetime.

Back pain tells us to be aware of our spine because we don't think about this part of our body which is most important that makes us walk on two feet in spite of 04 limbs.

Back pain is called Kati Sula in Ayurveda and when pain radiates to one leg from hip to toe then it is called sciatica. Radiating pain is mostly due to the involvement of a disc that is displaced or bulged or herniated or prolapsed due to any external trauma, jerk, or injury.

The spine is made of vertebras and divided into cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral parts from neck to tailbone. The lumbar vertebra is the most movable vertebrae and helps in sitting and bending moments. Due to irregular lifestyle, wrong posture, or due to any jerk, this vertebra is affected and injury to the disc occurs Which leads to disc problems and back pain, radiating pain, numbness, or weakness.

Causes of Back Pain

Wrong posture, long driving, long sitting, lifting heavy weights, injury or jerk due to any accident, irregular lifestyle, obesity, pregnancy, the complication of any disease, T.B of the spine, spine cancer or any cyst or degeneration of spine bones. 

Calcium and vitamin deficiency, aging, etc. are the most common causes of back pain. According to Ayurveda Vata Vardhak ahar of eating food without oil or ghee, taking cold food, or taking large quantities of rajma, rice or Chana, etc. and Vata Vardhak vihar and excessive walking, standing or more traveling, lifting heavy weight etc. are main causes of back pain. Any trauma or injury to the spine is also a very common cause of back pain. Due to the above reasons Vayu Prokop occurs in the spine region and leads to back pain, stiffness, and difficulty in movements.

Signs & Symptoms of Back Pain

If back pain is due to degenerative changes or any infection or arthritic changes then it is localized in the spine area and it is called Lumbar spondylosis(If in the lower back) and cervical spondylosis if in the neck region.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

It is also a disease of the spine in which spine vertebrae are fused gradually which leads to the very restricted motion of the spine and difficulty in bending & walking with severe back pain and stiffness.

If pain is due to any injury or trauma & disc is involved then the pain will radiate to hip area and leg area up to toe also. If pain is due to disc bulge or herniation, then only motor nerves are affected and severe pain with tingling sensation will be there and if disc compresses sensory nerves then numbness will occur and if a more severe injury occurs, the loss of function of leg and weakness in the leg will be more. Sometimes disc problems become a medical emergency when a patient feels difficulty in bending movements.

Diagnosis Back Pain

Back Pain is diagnosed by X-Ray of spine & MRI diagnostic techniques.

  1. X-Ray of Spine:- We can find any spondylosis changes, osteophyte formation, any fracture or vertebra displacement or spine fusion or spondylitis & Degenerative changes.
  2. MRI:- It helps to diagnose disc condition, any disc bulge, disc herniation, disc prolapse, disc desiccation, spinal canal narrowing & nerve condition of the spine area. 
  3. Blood tests of vitamin D,  calcium etc. help to diagnose bone strength.
  4. SLR Test:- Helps to diagnose disc problems in the spine area. 
  5. HLAB27:- This test helps to diagnose ankylosing spondylitis.

Treatment of Back Pain and Disc Problems of Spine Region, Sciatica

Treatment is planned according to the severity of symptoms.

Allopathic treatment of back pain is done mainly by painkillers, muscle relaxants, calcium, vitamins and nervous tonics medicines. Physiotherapy is also done if pain & stiffness is more.

If the condition is severe and a disc problem is there then surgical treatment is advised by modern doctors, which is a risky option, and chances of complications are more. Patients commonly get symptoms of back pain again in 1-2 years.

In Ayurveda we have to remove the cause of disease and back pain treatment in ayurveda is planned according to the condition of dosha Prokop, Avarana or dhatakshya stage of the disease. As back pain is mainly due to vata Prokop in the spine region and hence treatment is planned accordingly.

Back pain treatment in ayurveda is mainly done by panchakarma therapies and yoga. Different types of panchakarma procedures for eg. siravedhan, Bastichikitsa, kati basti, Greeva basti, Snehana - Svedana, Pinda sweda, Agni Karma, Marma Chikitsa etc. are done according to the condition of patient and involvement of doshas for a period of 21 days. Alternatively, yoga postures are also advised to give strength to spine muscles with all types of Nidan Parivarjon.

Back pain treatment in Ayurveda helps in healing the spine. By this Panchakarma treatment the body is detoxified, it gives strength to muscles, bones, and nerves, improves blood circulation in the spine area and heals the disc area. By treatment in ayurveda, the disc is rejuvenated and it gives strength to the nerve. By panchakarma, we can cure the diseases as doshas are pacified and the body is rejuvenated. injuries to the spine area are healed by panchakarma treatment and this balances the doshas. After Panchakarma treatment, oral medicines are advised for 3 months with yoga and exercise to give strength to the spine area.

By ayurvedic medicines and panchakarma therapies, we can heal all types of back pain and disc problems with no side effects. By ayurvedic treatment, patients are cured without the need for surgery and chances of recurrence are very rare as we advise yoga and lifestyle changes. Diet is also advised according to doshas condition and mainly Supadhay ahar is advised to keep overall health better.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

It is a typical disease and this disease is also managed by Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatment. The repeated panchakarma means treatment should be repeated after 03 or 06 months for better results.

This was for the information of patients who are confused & disturbed with spine problems and want a complete solution for their problems. It is the time of awareness and every person's should be educated about his problem so that he can save his time and money both and get better health with no side effects and return to their normal life soon with full confidence.

So, be aware of back pain and spinal disc problems, spondylosis conditions. Approach your nearby Ayurveda and panchkarma center and cure your problem with pure, natural, safe, and fast-acting authentic Ayurveda treatment.

Lifestyle Changes and Preventions for Back Pain

Back pain is a lifestyle disorder so to prevent this disease we should give time to yourself for exercise and yoga. Daily 20-30 minute of exercise can make our spine muscles strong and with this, the chances of back pain will be less.

  1. Posture is also important. Keep your spine erect while sitting or driving.
  2. Always rest in a comfortable position.
  3. Do not lift weights or heavy objects without proper support for support.
  4. In diet, avoid vat vardhak aahar hotel foods, junk food, preserved items, cold drinks, etc.
  5. Avoid excessive walking, driving, traveling and a long time sitting or standing.
  6. In yoga, spine Asanas are very helpful to give flexibility and strength to our spine.

Home Remedies For Back Pain

If you have back pain then following home remedies can help to reduce pain and help to balance vata dosha.

  1. Take 7-8 leaves of harsingar, boil leaves, and make a decoction. Add 5 ml castor oil & take two times daily before bed.
  2. Make powder of ashwagandha + saunth + suranjan + Haldi and take half a spoon two times with milk for a month.
  3. Make a decoction of Rasna + giloy +  bala + haritaki + ashwagandha and take two times daily.
  4. For back pain, you can make oil for massage at a pain site. For this take til oil 100ml and add saunth- 10gm + ajwain- 10gm +lehsun -10gm  & boil it with oil properly. After boiling, wait for the oil to become Lukewarm and add 10 ml of Kapoor in it and keep it in sunlight for 02 hours. apply this oil for back pain conditions.
  5. Do hot water bottle fomentation daily two times to relieve pain.
  6. Acupressure, marma therapy etc. also help to relieve pain.