Sexual Problems Treatment in Ayurveda

Naturally Treat Sexual Problems with Ayurvedic Medicines and Panchakarma Procedures

Sexual Problems

Sexual Problems are very common and cause lots of stress and anxiety in the people who are facing it. Most of the people in their life feel such problems and find no solution as there is no treatment or only symptomatic treatment available in modern science. People feel very helpless and continue living for years with their problems. Premature ejeculation, erectile dysfunction, dhat problem, nightfall, low sexual desire are the common complaints of people who are facing sexual disorders.

In Ayurveda, various formulations are available for these disorders and there is a separate chapter in the name of 'Vajikaran' that is given in Ayurvedic textbooks. The disease is related to the quantity and quality of shukra dhatu or semen. If the Shukra dhatu is affected by dosha prakop or Shukra dhatu kshaya occur then sexual problems arise with different symptoms. But treating the dosha prakop of Shukra dhatu sexual disorders can be cured. Sex is very important in human life and it helps in physical and mental well being of a person. Good sex helps to increase immunity, reduce stress, and keep our body fit. So if anybody is suffering from these diseases and does not find any solution then Ayurveda can help a lot for better recovery and well being.


There are lots of causes for sexual disorders. It can be due to irregular lifestyle, stressful life, less sleep can due to any hormonal problem. It can be due to excessive use of alcohol or smoking. It can be due to complications of any other disease of diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney disorder, cardiac problems, or due to sexually transmitted disease or syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.

In Ayurveda, the sexual problems can occur due to mithya aahar vihar. Due to the excessive loss of shukra dhatu. It can be due to taking pitta vardhak and ruksha aahar and also due to excessive involvement in sexual activity, masturbation, or thinking more about sexual fantasy, etc. Dhat problems and nightfall are mostly found in young male patients and this problem comes under prameha rog. Pitta Vardhak aahar or constipation problem and irregular lifestyle, lack of exercise are the common causes of this disorder.


Diagnosis can be done by blood investigation for hormonal study of testosterone level, LH, FSH Test Sugar, Thyroid profile, etc. Ultrasound examination is useful to find out any congenital problem or Atrophy of Testis or any blockage in veins or injury.
Doppler study is done to find out any vein blockage.


Patients have the following types of symptoms for sexual disorder.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction:- In this problem, there is no erection or less erection of the penis is found & due to this intercourse is not possible.
  2. Premature Ejaculation:- In this condition patients ejaculate just after starting the intercourse or some time ejaculations occur before insertion of the penis. This problem is a very shameful condition for patients and he feels lots of guilt during the act.
  3. Dhat Problem:- In this condition sperms or semen come out with urine or during passing stool. Sometimes this problem is very much distracting the mind as every time passing urine semen comes with that.
  4. Nightfall:- In this condition semen comes out while the patient is sleeping at night. He feels guilty in the morning when he gets up and finds this. In Ayurveda, these disorders are mainly due to taking more spicy food, fried items. Taking more non-veg food and too much involvement in thinking and watching sexual content.

Treatment of Sexual Disorders 

In Allopathic there is no specific treatment. Only stimulant and antipsychotic medicines are there which only give symptomatic relief. Many times patients feel low and stressed when not finding any good solution.

In Ayurveda there is a detailed explanation and treatment plans are available for these disorders treatment is planned according to dosha prakop or dhatukshaya condition and panchakarma treatment is also useful in chronic condition and by this body is detoxified and also rejuvenated: Vamana, Virechan, Uttarbasti, Basti chikitsa, Dhara treatment, Nasya karma, Kayakalp therapy, siravedan etc. are the main panchakarma treatment done according to the severity of the disease. There are lots of herbal formulations, svarana kalp medicines are available in Ayurveda which are planned according to dosha prakop and according to the nature of the disease. In Ayurveda, the disease can be cured when a patient takes medicine with patience for 3-4 months with following all the instructions for diet plan, daily routines, pathya - Apathya, yoga, pranayama, exercise etc.

Healthy persons can also take these Ayurveda Rasayana vajikarana treatments to maintain their vigour and vitality for a long time.    

Precaution/ Lifestyle Changes 

  • Patients should avoid all types of junk food, spicy food, deep-fried items, cold drinks etc. Patients should avoid all types of addiction to alcohol, smoking, tobacco, gutka, drugs etc.
  • Avoid waking up for a late-night try to wake up early in the morning time and daily do yoga, exercise pranayama, meditation, etc. for a healthy body and stress-free mind.
  • Avoid too much involvement in sexual content and focus on your goal in life for good success in career and future achievements.

Home Remedies for Sexual Problem

  • The Patient should take more fruits, juice, milk, ghee, butter etc. in the diet for good quality of shukra dhatu formation.
  • Daily take dates, soaked almonds, munnaka, amla murabba or amla candy, etc. in the diet.
  • Make Powder of Shatavari Ashwagandha + Gokshur + Amla in equal quantity and mix with ghee and mishri and take with milk two times a day in a 3-3gm dose.
  • Patients can take Amla Juice, chyawanprash, konch pak, Brahma Rasayana, etc. as a tonic for good stamina and energy.


Sexual diseases are very common nowadays due to irregular lifestyle, stressful life and taking fast food, packed food, spicy food, etc. and also due to dhatukshaya condition excess loss of shukra dhatu or semen is a common cause of sexual disorders eg erectile dhat problem, low sex drive, etc. many lifestyle diseases e.g. diabetes, cardiac problem, kidney disorders, depression, etc. are also the common cause of sexual weakness. In Allopathic medical science only stimulants, antipsychotic medicines are available which are not able to cure the disease.

In Ayurveda, this disease can be cured by lots of herbal medicines and panchakarma therapies with Rasayana and vajikarana medicines. Sexual disorders are treated according to the root cause of disease, dosha prakop and dhatukshya conditions so that patients get permanent relief. Healthy diet plans, proper daily routines, daily doing exercise,  yoga, and avoiding all types of addictions this problem can be perfectly cured. Sexual problems should be discussed with an authentic Ayurveda expert and the patient should take medicines with patience for 03 to 04 months with strict diet plans and follow daily routines as advised by his doctor. These diseases are like other systemic disorders and there is no magic remedy available in medical science. Patients should avoid fake doctors and magic remedies or advertisement based attractive medicines and should discuss with an expert doctor and know the root cause of the disease. By this only problem can be solved and he can be healthy and fit for a long time.