Ayurvedic Constipation Treatment in India

Get Rid of Constipation with Ayurvedic Medicines, Home Remedies and Panchakarma


Constipation is a common disease in every home and for this, patients try a variety of syrup, powders, tablets but are unable to get a good solution. Constipation is the root cause of all diseases. Diabetes, obesity, joint pain, acidity, high cholesterol, heart diseases, gastric problems, headache, stress, etc. are common diseases that occur due to constipation. Whatever food we eat is digested by gastric juices and gives nutrition, waste material is cleaned from the body in the form of stool. When constipation occurs these waste materials accumulate which leads to different diseases.

People spend lots of money on this problem but don't get permanent solutions and suffer for years. In Ayurveda, this disease is cured by different herbal medicines and panchakarma procedures by improving pachana and detoxification of the body. Medicines do ama pachana and improve pachana and balance the doshas.

Causes of Constipation

There are many reasons for this problem. The main cause is mithya aahar and mithya vihar that means wrong food habits and wrong daily routines. Taking more of fried food, spicy food, sweets, Maida products, tea, coffee, taking more of fast food, cold drinks, samosa, kachori, cakes, creams, non-veg food etc. are common causes of constipation.

Consuming less water, irregular food timings, sleeping late at night, etc. can cause constipation problems. This problem can be due to side effects of any medication, due to anemia, diabetes, liver problems, or due to the suppression of natural urges. Constipation can also occur due to stress and depression. Many anti-stress medicines can cause constipation problems.


If any patient comes with this problem then his blood is investigated for anemia, diabetes, liver functions test, etc.

USG Abdomen - Ultrasound is done to rule out any liver problem or other pathological ailment for this disease.


  • The patient is not able to pass the stool properly. The stool is hard or not clears one time.
  • A patient takes time for stool passing and some times go 3-4 times for motion but not feels complete evacuation.
  • The patient feels heaviness in the abdomen, pain in both calf muscles, pain can be on the lower abdomen and back region. Due to constipation patient feels headache and irritation in mind.
  • Some time body pain is also there and feels laziness. These are common symptoms of constipation problems. 

Natural Constipation Treatment in Ayurveda

In Allopathy, there are lots of stool softener, laxative medicines but these all medicines give only symptomatic relief. People are using these medicines for years but there is no permanent cure for this problem. Medicines cause habit-forming and also lots of side effects.

In Ayurveda, the disease is treated according to dosha prakop. Medicines help to balance dosha, and with this, panchakarma therapies are planned. Vaman, virechan, basti chikitsa, snehana, svedana are the main panchakarma procedures for this disease. Panchkarma therapies help in detoxification of the body, clear toxins from the body and improve digestion and balance the aggravated doshas.

Treatment is planned for 8, 16, or 30 days and different types of basti chikitsa are given for the better, safe and permanent recovery of symptoms. Proper diet plans are advised and regular food habits, proper dincharya and yoga, pranayam, meditation etc. are very important for better improvement of this disease.

Prevention/Life Style Changes

  1. Patients should avoid all types of fried food, spicy food, Maida items, non-veg food, cakes, creams etc.
  2. Patients should follow regular food habits and proper dinacharya according to ayurvedic principles.
  3. Daily yoga, exercise and pranayam are very important to improve digestion and help to relieve stress problems.
  4. Proper water intake, proper sleep at night and taking more fruits, raw vegetables are suggested.
  5. The patient should avoid suppression of natural urges means he or she should not hold the urge of passing stool.
  6. The patient is advised to eat slowly with proper chewing of food, this helps in better digestion as gastric juices are mixed properly in food and lead to better digestion.
  7. Patients are advised to do vajrasana after taking food and should avoid any exercise or more walking after food.

Home Remedies for Constipation

There are lots of home remedies for constipation problem such as:

  1. Take small haritaki and fry it in castor oil. After frying, make powder and take half a spoon of this powder at bedtime.
  2. Take 10ml of castor oil at bedtime with warm milk for easy motion.
  3. Take aloe vera juice 20ml + amla juice 20ml daily empty stomach. This helps in better digestion and easy motion.
  4. Isabgol is also very effective in constipation problems. For this, take 2 spoons Isabgol at bedtime with warm milk.
  5. Amaltash is very effective for constipation problems. For this soak amaltash 01-02 spoon in 01 cup water at night and drink it in the morning.
  6. In children, constipation problems are very common. For this, give gulkand or munakka or harad at bedtime. This helps in cleaning the motion easily.
  7. Daily, do massage with castor oil or til oil around the umbilical region for better digestion and easy motion.
  8. Yoga and Pranayam are very useful in chronic constipation problems.


Constipation is a very common problem and causes lots of other diseases in the body. Regular passage of stool is very important for better health. Constipation is caused due to improper lifestyle and wrong food habits. Stress and lack of sound sleep is also a common cause for this problem. This problem can also occur as a complication of many other diseases e.g. anemia, liver problems, diabetes, thyroid problem, kidney diseases etc.

According to Ayurveda, this disease is caused due to mithya aahar vihar and due to this dosha prakop occurs and aama is formed in the body. Suppression of natural urges or udavert is also a common cause of constipation. This problem is a root cause of many other lifestyle diseases so it should be treated by proper Ayurvedic medicines and panchakarma therapies.

Allopathic medicines only give symptomatic relief. By Ayurvedic medicines by following a diet plan and dincharya and with Ayurvedic detoxification therapies, this problem can be cured in a better way with minimum chances of recurrence. Regular exercise with yoga and pranayam is also helpful and should be done under expert guidance. So from now follow Ayurveda and say no to constipation and feel fresh and energetic every morning.