Acne Treatment in Ayurveda

Get rid of pimples naturally with Ayurvedic Treatment and Panchakarma Procedures

What is Acne?

Pimples or Acne problems are very common at a young age. Mainly it occurs in age between 14 years to 25 years. Boys and girls both are equally affected by this disease. This is most stressful in the teenage group and due to this patient avoid social gathering, feel low and negative. This is an infectious disease and multiple small infected boils occur on the face. Doctors advise lots of antibiotics, creams, packs, etc to get rid of pimples. But the patient gets only symptomatic relief with all these.
In Ayurveda, this is called Yuvanpidika and mostly affects the face, chest, and upper back region. Pitta dosha is aggravated and it causes prakop of rakta dhatu. At a young age, body growth starts and due to high metabolism, heat is generated in the body. This heat cause pimples on the face and upper back area. Kapha, pitta and rakta dusti are found. Acne problems can be cured in Ayurveda by proper diet, panchkarma treatment & ayurvedic medicines for acne.
In spite of wasting money and time approach an Ayurveda specialist and get permanent and natural treatment for acne.

Causes of Acne

  • Acne/pimples are caused by unhygienic conditions, infections and hormonal changes. At a young age, hormonal changes occur & due to this skin produces more oil on the face.
  • Sebaceous glands are infected due to dust, pollution and unhygienic conditions.
  • In Ayurveda, acne/pimples occur due to pittavardhak aahar e.g. taking more of spicy food, hot items, salty food, pickles, sweets, fried items, etc. and also irregular lifestyle increases the heat in the body.
  • Sleeping late at night, stress, anger, tension also causes heat or pitta prakop and due to this pimples appear on the face and upper back area.
  • Lack of exercise is also a factor in this problem.


Pimples are diagnosed by their symptoms. In severe conditions, blood counts raise up. So routine CBC test helps to confirm the infection in the body.


  • In acne condition, various types of pimples occur on face, forehead, upper back & shoulders area. Some pimples are hard, solid & painful and some are small red, pus-filled pustules.
  • Sometimes blackheads and whiteheads are found on the face and other areas.
  • Some pimples are large and make irritation & are very painful.
  • In Ayurveda, symptoms are according to dosha involvement. Kapha & Pitta dosha is mainly involved with rakta dushti, if vata dosha is more, then pain will be there & the skin will be dry. If pitta dosha is more, then pimples will be reddish with burning sensation and if kapha dosha is more, then itching, pus formation and big pimples are found on the face.

Acne Treatment in Ayurveda

In the modern medical system, various types of antibiotics, cleaners, creams, face wash, etc. are given for pimples. But the acne problem does not cure. Pimples are persistent again & again for years. Sometimes pimples are more and leave scars on the face for a long time. Acne Treatment in Ayurveda is planned according to the dosha prakop. Panchkarma treatment is very effective in a chronic cause. Vamana karma, Virechana karma & leech therapy, raktamokshan, lepan karma, etc. are planned and these therapies detoxify the body, remove toxins, and balances the aggravated dosha. Dhara treatment is also given to relieve stress and anxiety. With this, internal medicines are given which helps to cure acne. In Ayurveda, Rasayana medicines are also there which help to increase the immunity of the body and help in the permanent cure of disease. The patient should avoid all types of spicy food, junk food, tea, coffee, maida items, etc. Yoga and Pranayama also help in relaxing the mind and reduce stress, anxiety, etc. Ayurvedic Acne Treatment is given for 3-4 months and repeated panchakarma therapy is needed for permanent cure.


Prevention/Life Style Changes

  • The acne problem is prevented by following proper dinacharya and proper diet plan.
  • The patient should avoid spicy food, fast food, sweets, maida, salty items, cold drinks, tea, coffee, etc.
  • Regular exercise should be done as it helps to detoxify the body and increase immunity against disease.
  • The patient should take proper sleep at night time and should get up early in the morning. 
  • In diet, more fruits, raw vegetables, salads, water, coconut water, etc. should be taken for purification of blood.
  • Proper hygiene is must, so wash the face 2-3 times with water or face wash daily.

Natural Home Remedies for Acne Removal

Along with the natural acne treatment, you can also try some home remedies which are as follows:-

  • Make a paste of multani mitti + neem leaves powder + turmeric powder + chandan powder. Add Gulab Jal in it and apply on face daily for a half-hour and wash it after drying.
  • Take 4-5 neem patra daily empty stomach for 1-2 months. It helps to purify blood & also prevents the recurrence of pimples/acne.
  • Take Herbs e.g. manjistha + giloya + haldi + sariva in equal amount and make a decoction with these herbs. Then, take 2 times before food for 2-3 months. It also helps to purify blood & help to treat pimples permanently.


Acne problems or pimples are very common problems at a young age. In this disease, various type of small, big, or hard pustules occurs on the face, upper back and chest & shoulders region. Sometimes are very painful and make big scars on the face. This disease causes lots of stress & negativity in the patient's mind and due to this, they avoid social involvements also. At a young age, hormonal changes occur in the body and from sebaceous glands more of an oil formation occurs. Due to poor hygiene & infection, these glands get infected and cause pimples on the face. This disease is persistent for a long time and allopathic treatment only gives temporary relief. Sometimes the disease is very severe and patients spent lacs of rupees but do not get effective results.

In Ayurveda, proper treatment for pimples is available according to dosha prakop. Various panchakarma therapies e.g. Vaman karma, virechana karma, raktamokshan, etc. are planned for detoxification as shodhan treatment and also internal medicines along with lepa application help to cure acne with no side effects & helps in permanent recovery. The patient must follow suggested dinacharya and proper diet plan.