Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda

Natural Migraine Headache Relief with Ayurvedic Treatment, Medicines and Panchakarma

Headache problems are the most common problems in every home. Sales of medicines for headache problems are multimillion in the whole world. It is very surprising that people have been taking painkillers for many years and still their disease is the same. There is Only symptomatic relief with lots of side effects.

In Ayurveda headache is called shirasula and it is divided into 08 types according to the property of doshas.

Migraine or Ardhavbhadak is most commonly diagnosed by doctors for people having headaches with vomiting, photophobia, noise sensitivity, pain in attacks like symptoms. In Ayurveda, migraine is related to Vata-pitta shirasule, and treatment is given to cure the disease. Females are more affected by this disease.

Causes of Migraine Headache

The main causes are stressful lifestyle, overthinking, indigestion, irregular sleeping pattern, family history, taking more of spicy, oily food, taking vata pitta vardhak aahar vihar, tumor in brain or injury in the head region, etc.

In Ayurveda, udavarta (Suppressing  Natural urges) is also a common cause of headaches. Taking too much coffee, tea, smoking, alcohol, etc.  can also cause headache problems.

In children, vision problems can be the cause of headaches.


In headache, there is a pain in the head and forehead region and it can be around eyes and with this, other symptoms are also there according to doshas involved.

In vata headache, pain is severe and intensity of pain varies, pain can be like some hammers are putting on your head.

In pitta headache- There is a burning sensation in eyes, vomiting, vertigo, etc.

In Kapha Headache- Heaviness in head, dullness in the body is found. In sinus headache, these symptoms are mainly found.

In Migraine or Vata-pitta headache, the main symptoms are pain at the half side of the head and forehead and eye region. Pain is very severe and with this, vomiting and vertigo is also there, the patient feels very much strain in head and light sensitivity, noise sensitivity is also there. The patient wants to live in a dark room. The headache comes in attack and continues for 3-4 days. The patient gets relief from vomiting.

Diagnosis/ Investigation

CT scan of the head is advised to rule out any abnormal growth or vein blockage in the brain. CT scan also helps to find any past injury, tumor, or inflammation in the brain region.

X-Ray Head:- It is advised to find any bone injury.

MRI Head:- This helps to rule out any tumor, inflammation, or blockage in the brain area. It also helps to find out any degenerative changes.

ECG:- It is advised to rule out any abnormal pattern of brain impulses.

Natural Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, treatment for headaches is very effective as it helps to cure the symptoms. Medicine is planned according to dosha, age of patient, prakriti, aama condition, dhatu kshaya condition of the patient. Medicines pacify the doshas and give strength to nerves. By Ayurvedic medicines, the cause of the disease is treated and with these medicines, the patient feels relief in all his symptoms. Medhya, Aam pachak, shoolhar, stress-relieving & Rasayana medicines are planned for treatment.

In typical or chronic conditions, panchakarma treatment is very helpful. Mainly Shirodhara, Head massage, Nasya karma, detoxification therapies, Agnikarma, Marma chikitsa, etc. are planned for better and fast recovery of the disease.

Panchkarma treatment gives strength to brain cells and relaxes the mind, reduces stress, and works as a rejuvenator therapy in headache and migraine problems.

By panchakarma, patients got better sleep, a positive mind, and relief in stress, tension, and strain. With Panchakarma and Ayurvedic medicines, headache & migraine problems can be cured very fast with no side effects.

Lifestyle modification, proper diet plans, and yoga, meditation, marma therapy, exercises are also advised.

Good sleep at night also reduces headache problems.

Medicines are continued for 4-5 months and by this, headache and migraine problems can be cured.

Preventions and Lifestyle Changes

Along with Migraine treatment in Ayurveda, some prevention and lifestyle changes are as follows-

  • Headache can be prevented by doing regular yoga, pranayama, and meditation.
  • Vata Pitta vardhak aahar should be avoided e.g. spicy food, cold items, maida products, fried food, packed food, cold drinks, rajma, cholle, rice, etc. are also avoided for better recovery.
  • Patients are advised to avoid unnecessary stress, overthinking, and late-night sleeping habits. Overuse of gadgets eg laptop, computers, mobile phones should be avoided.
  • Good sleep at night time for 6-8 hours is very important to relax our body and mind.
  • Taking alcohol, smoking, tobacco, drugs, etc. should be stopped if the patient has above addictions.

Home Remedies for Headache/Migraine

Here are some natural remedies of migraine which can help you to cure it.

  • In Vata headache - apply oil and do massage with oil on the head & forehead region. Badam oil, til oil, amla oil can be used for massage.
  • In pitta headache - Make a paste of Chandan ( Sandalwood) and apply it on the forehead region.
  • In Kapha Headache- Apply a paste of dalchini on the forehead to relieve pain or put drops of Tulsi leaf juice on both nostrils to relieve pain.
  • In migraine, put drops of kesar + milk (01 spoons) 4-5 drops in both nostrils.
  • In migraine headaches, a patient is advised to take jalebi of desi ghee with milk every day empty stomach. This can reduce the intensity of pain as it gives strength to body & brain and works as Vata pitta shamak night food.
  • Badam pak, water-soaked almonds, white butter, brahma Rasayana, Brahmi gritha, etc. are also very effective tonics for the brain and help to relieve stress, strain, and headache conditions.
  • Patients can put badam rogan or cow ghee 2-2 drops in each nostril at bedtime for early recovery in headache conditions.
  • The patient is advised to relax his/her mind, always try to live in the present moment, play with kids, laugh with kids & friends, give time to your hobbies, spend time with nature, help the needy persons without any expectation can help to reduce stress & it relaxes our mind and helps to recover from headache.


Headache or migraine is a very painful condition and it affects our body and mind. The allopathic treatment gives only symptomatic relief. Medicines have side effects on our kidney, liver, and also affect the brain cells.

In Ayurveda, treatment is planned according to dosha involvement and focus on the root cause of disease.

In chronic conditions, when headache or migraine is there for a long time; yoga, pranayama, meditation, Panchakarma therapies eg Shirodhara nasya karma, head massage, marma therapies, etc. are very helpful to cure the disease. Ayurvedic medicines relax the mind.

It heals the nerve cells and detoxifies the body. These medicines give rejuvenation to nerve cells and reduce the side effects of allopathic medicines.

So, for headache & migraine problems, Ayurveda has a very scientific approach and by treating the root cause, this disease can be permanently curved.